Welcome KuangBoMing professor to give lectures of the east China sea

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On April 7, 2015, Tuesday, China composite material industry association, standing director of professional committee of the SMC/BMC and SMC/BMC in jiangsu province and its moulding technology research association, professor KuangBoMing senior engineers to visit the east China sea to give lectures. Professor quantico first listened to the second half of the company's development prospects and of SMC sheet research and development plan, to my company's plan to fully support and recognition performance. Quantico, professor for technical problems related to SMC also carried on the thorough understanding and communication, according to my company's existing situation analysis.

The professor quantico to SMC put forward some valuable Suggestions about the related technical issues, let me company on the study of SMC sheet more deeply. My company to quantico, a professor at the wonderful explanation and express our heartfelt thanks his valuable guidance.


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