Banana leaf antiglare plate
Banana leaf antiglare plate
Detailed description:

Banana leaf type glass steel anti glare panels, glass steel banana leaf anti dazzle board is a kind of economical and beautiful, the wind barrier, a small snow, the impact on the driver's psychological small anti dazzle facilities, especially appropriate in wide anti dazzle board with concrete guardrail used to better effect. To determine anti dazzle board is optimum structure form of this achievement has through national identification and acceptance, so generally recommended only the basic form of anti glare panels and planting trees in two forms as our country road glare.
Performance features:
1 light weight high strength:
SMC anti dazzle board density is about 1.8g/cm3, 1/4 is building steel, its strength can reach or exceed the construction steel.
2 corrosion resistance:
With stable chemical properties, and acid and alkali are not reaction, in the natural environment is not corroded, automobile exhaust has no effect on it.
3 good anti dazzle effect:
The unique cambered surface design, caused under the same projection size greatly enhances the anti glare angle, improve the anti glare effect. At the same time, it also improves the flexural strength and stability. Surface using combination of Asian light processing and the cambered surface effect, the anti glare surface vision to be gentle, and maximally reduce the direction of the light reflex, does not interfere with the driver's line of sight.
4 the structure is stable, the appearance is beautiful, the installation is firm:
The SMC glare shield shape under high temperature and high pressure, the dimension stability and excellent internal quality, surface color is bright, smooth lines, sensory comfort is highway decoration.
5 good weather:
Consider to a variety of different use environment, SMC anti dazzle board for which consists of the multi-component material, can ensure long-term use under harsh climate.

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