Household ladder
Household ladder
Detailed description:

(1) glass fiber reinforced glass insulation ladder orange, ladder foot with anti slip function, not fatigue;
(2) the high degree of safety of the glass steel insulation ladder, the insulation performance is strong;
(3) of glass steel insulating ladder of corrosion (with acid resistance, alkali resistance, organic solvents and salts, and other gas, liquid medium corrosion performance. According to the actual application requirements, economic choice using the adjacent benzene, benzene, ethylene based resin as matrix material), wither and rot resistance, discoloration resistance;
(4) the glass steel insulation ladder has a light weight, convenient to carry;
(5) the water absorption rate of the glass fiber reinforced plastic ladder is low, and the flame retardant is good (ordinary flame retardant type grille flame propagation rate (ASTME-84) is not more than 25; the flame propagation rate of high flame retardant vinyl grille is no more than 10. Oxygen index of not less than 28 (GB8924));
(6) glass steel insulation ladder with high strength, light weight (glass steel grille of the density is less than 2, only for steel 1/4, aluminum 2/3. Its strength is 10 times that of rigid PVC, the absolute strength exceeds the level of the aluminum and the ordinary steel, the impact resistance, insulation, permeability, excellent.
Through the above introduction, believe that we all understand the characteristics of glass fiber insulation ladder, if you have a good opinion or suggestion, please contact our staff at any time, we are dedicated to serve you!

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