Shanghai Nanjing Expressway
Shanghai Nanjing Expressway
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Between the sound source and the receiver into a facility, so that the acoustic wave propagation has a significant additional attenuation, thereby reducing the noise of the receiver in a certain region of the impact, such as the sound barrier.
Along with the rapid development of highway, railway, urban rail, subway and so on, although it is very convenient for people to travel, but at the same time it has become a prominent social problem, and the sound barrier is the most effective way to solve this problem.
With the continuous development of high technology, in recent years, the sound barrier of glass is characterized by beautiful natural, good landscape effect, convenient transportation and installation, low cost, corrosion resistance, maintenance free, long service life, etc., especially for railway, highway, urban road, urban light rail and subway.
The sound barrier is made up of the foundation, the column and the vertical plate. Is based on the noise barrier is the main loading structure, it can separate design is also available in the road design in conjunction with the design in road ancillary facilities (such as collision wall and hard shoulder). The column is sound barrier mainly stress component, it can through the pre buried bolt, anchorage and welding method, column on the bottom flange and the basic secure connection, in order to achieve the sound barrier force requirements, sound barrier vertical plate is sound barrier noise reduction effect of the main components, it can by means of special high strength spring and bolts and angle steel, etc. will be fixed in the column groove, the sound barrier formation. At the same time, the good and bad, form and material of the panel design will directly affect the noise reduction effect of the whole sound barrier, the landscape effect, service life, corrosion resistance and safety reliability of the many factors.
My company to develop, design, manufacture and installation of sound barrier to take full account of the elevated bridge road, highway, urban light rail, intercity railways, subways, railways and other wind load, the impact of the vehicle, all-weather outdoor anticorrosion treatment, acid, alkali and other special requirements of sound barrier design problem.

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