SMC sheet molding
SMC sheet molding
Detailed description:

Our company specializing in the production of SMC sheet material, SMC sheet material is an excellent insulating material. High performance insulation resistance to prevent leakage, in high frequency can maintain a good dielectric properties, do not reflect, block the spread of microwave can be used for a long time. Has good corrosion resistance. Can effectively resist water, gasoline, alcohol, salt, sodium acetate, sodium potassium compound urine, asphalt, a variety of acid and alkali soil, and acid rain corrosion. The material also has good impact resistance, easy machining, easy to drill hole cutting, accurate positioning. The tensile strength, flexural modulus and impact toughness of high tensile strength. Is a non - toxic materials. Do not contain halogen, harmful substances on the human body, burning does not produce harmful gas, is a kind of environmental protection material, meet the needs of future development.
Product advantage:
(1) excellent electrical insulation, resistance to arc and leakage resistance.
(2) excellent mechanical strength, flame resistance and heat resistance.
(3) the fine forming process can be used to suppress the large size geometry of the product with a small press.
(4), a good color, can be required to make a variety of color SMC.

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