Cable tray
Cable tray
Detailed description:

FRP cable tray has the following advantages:
1, glass steel pull crowded cable quality of high strength lightweight (accounts for only a quarter of the iron bridge), corrosion resistance, ageing resistance, thermal insulation, not conductive, anti-static.
2, FRP cable bridge vibration noise.
3, FRP cable tray has no pollution.
4, FRP cable tray heat resistant and flame retardant.
5, FRP cable tray and long service life. And no deformation, no crack, no moisture absorption, no back to halogen, good stability and so on, and so on.
6, FRP cable tray moderate price.
7, glass fiber reinforced plastic cable box, can be from the upper and lower two parts of the fitting, can be used to exchange, can be used as flame retardant tray.
8, FRP cable tray can according to user requirements, the production level of general level three, level Four pass through connections etc.. 9, FRP cable bridge width, height according to user requirements or specifications with tray.
10, FRP cable bridge with flexible distribution, convenient installation and low cost and is widely used.
Groove type pull squeeze glass steel cable tray is a totally enclosed type cable tray, suitable for signal communication, computer cable, high sensitivity of the system control cable. It has good effect on the protection of the cable in the control cable and the protection of the cable in heavy corrosion environment. It has the advantages of corrosion resistance, aging resistance, high strength, good flame retardant performance, light weight, easy installation, etc.

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