Garden fence
Garden fence
Detailed description:

Glass steel products, many of the traditional materials for the upgrading of alternative products, but also belong to a new material. Is not glass is not steel, is made of polymer resin and glass fiber polymer composite materials, because of the glass, high strength and the name.
One, characteristic:
1, glass steel products, the strength of plastic products is 10 times, is 1.7 times the ordinary steel, more tenacious, more elastic and high impact resistance and high impact resistance.
2, the corrosion resistance, especially the anti carbon compounds and the corrosion of chlorine;
3, only for the same volume of 1/4, transportation and installation more convenient;
4, the strength of material;
5, through magnetic wave;
6, the color is beautiful, the surface is smooth and bright, very has the function of decoration;
7, the installation is simple, fast, greatly improving the speed of installation; 8, to the people, animals are harmless, is a green product; 9, long service life: can be used for more than 100 years. Do not fade, yellow, peeling, withered, cracking, blistering, and insects; 10, do not need to paint and maintenance, eliminates the trouble management maintenance reduces the cost.
Two, adaptation range:
1, high-end private users: private villas, luxury villas and other senior residential high-grade railings;
2, high-end construction projects: government public facilities, key construction projects; high-grade office buildings, apartment buildings, shopping malls, hotels and institutions, such as high-grade products with high quality. Such as you need a glass of steel fence, glass steel products and other products

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