Electric meter box
Electric meter box
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Function and characteristics of glass steel meter box
1, glass steel meter box for the glass steel material, mainly uses SMC, DMC (unsaturated polyester glass fiber reinforced plastic, high temperature and high pressure, pressing forming).
2, the glass steel meter box strength is big, the weight is light, compared with the iron table box has the incomparable superiority.
3, glass steel meter box has the observation hole, observation window is fixed, using patented technology, with firm installation, waterproof, anti electric larceny and many other functions.
4, glass steel meter box is a box body and a box door is arranged between the seal, ammeter chamber and switch control room and a partition plate, two rooms at the same time with the lock function, and is equipped with anti-theft pin and a component mounting bracket can satisfy the mechanical and electronic table with the box installed (watt hour meter bracket, end sub lines of tracks).
5, the corrosion resistance of the glass box box: using hydrochloric acid solution and hydrogen peroxide steel by the proportion of water soak for two hours without cracking, failure and deformation phenomenon.
Waterproof performance 6, glass steel meter box sealing: sprinkle in two hours after the rain does not cover waterfall waterphenomenon.
7, glass steel meter box insulation performance: with the power frequency withstand voltage test machine for insulation experiment, no breakdown, flashing phenomenon, the insulation performance is very reliable.
8, glass steel meter box anti rust performance: in the outdoor store for a long time no rust occurs.
9, glass steel meter box anti high and low temperature performance: table box can withstand outdoor and sunny weather, ambient temperature of 90 degrees, the box body is not softening, deformation is not, ambient temperature of - 60 degrees, box not brittle, no crack, flame retardant, waterproof, dustproof and sealed, maintenance free characteristics. Table box can withstand a certain tension, compression, bending, torsion strength, able to withstand the impact, in the wind situation, do not open, do not tear, not damage.
10, glass steel meter box in the outdoor service life of 40 years, indoor use to reach 60.

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