Manhole cover
Manhole cover
Detailed description:

FRP / composite material manhole cover with glass fiber and its products (glass cloth, belt, blanket, yarn, etc.) as a reinforcing material, using synthetic resin as matrix material, mainly composed of unsaturated polyester resin, fillers, initiating agent, thickening agent, low shrinkage additives, membrane module agent, pigment and enhanced material.
Glass fiber reinforced plastic manhole cover is to solve the steel, iron manhole cover is easy to rust and stolen, too heavy and brittle crack defects and improve the function and economic and social benefits and the development of new wells.
1 light weight, glass steel manhole cover weight is only iron cover 1/4, engineering installation and use of portable and flexible opening and closing.
2 good self-locking performance, glass steel round manhole cover and the manhole seat unique constraint link structure, with preventing to drive a car after covers jumped off the self-locking function of the well base.
3 high strength, glass steel material tensile strength of Q235 steel and equivalent compressive strength than c30x high more than doubled, anti impact, vibration, fatigue and fracture performance is better than that of the steel and iron material used as bearing structure of manhole covers, strength safety conditions than iron manhole cover easier to meet.
4 to theft and loss, glass steel products recycling utilization value, used as covers to avoid iron manhole covers are often steal sell scrap hidden dangers, so as to prevent the well cover stolen made the adult, car fell into the card in the well of the traffic accident, reduce the owners of the economic loss and responsibility for the accident.
5 corrosion resistant, glass, steel, natural corrosion resistance, used as acid, alkali, salt, sewage and other corrosive media ring

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