Railway signal box
Railway signal box
Detailed description:

The railway signal transformer box comprises a box, a box cover, a lock and a mounting ear. The railway signal transformer box is made of SMC composite material, which is not only good, but also has good effect, and can be used to lock, anti rust and anti lock. SMC composite material is the abbreviation of molding compound Sheet, that is, the sheet molding compound. Main raw materials by GF (special yarn), UP (unsaturated resin), low shrinkage additives, MD (filler) and various additives. It first appeared in 1960s in Europe, in 1965, the United States, Japan and the United States have developed this process. China at the end of the 80's, the introduction of foreign advanced SMC production line and production process. SMC composite after more than half a century of development, now in the world has been widely used, especially in the automotive, construction, electrical, marine, anticorrosive container development very quickly, due to the characteristics of SMC composite materials with good design and fabrication process and high strength dimensions accuracy, corrosion resistance, good stability and so on, in some respects, have been gradually replaced traditional plastic and metal materials, to become the industry's favorite. SMC composite has the following advantages:
1, green?
SMC composite material is a kind of non halogen, no harmful substances, the East China Sea SMC composite material is a new type of environmental protection material, meet the needs of the future development of green.
2, resistance to chemical corrosion?
SMC composite material has a good acid, alkali, salt, organic solvent, water and other corrosive characteristics, and the metal material is not acid, corrosion.
3, light weight and high strength?
Specific strength and specific modulus is one of the indicators to measure the bearing capacity of the material, the East China Sea SMC composite material with the ratio of steel, but the ratio of strength can be 4 times the steel.
4, fire retardant properties????
SMC composite fire retardant; the national authority to detect the material for the B level of non combustible material
5, good heat resistance?
SMC composite material in the harsh environment of high temperature, has the ability to maintain its physical characteristics, its working temperature in the minus 60 degrees to 150 degrees, heat deformation temperature in 280 degrees above.
6, low thermal conductivity, low coefficient of expansion
The thermal stress produced by the temperature difference is much smaller than that of the metal and the heat preservation performance is good.
7, excellent anti-aging properties
SMC composites have excellent anti ageing properties. After anti - aging test, the surface of the maximum aging thickness is less than 50 m in 20 years.
8, long service life?
The use of SMC composite materials can prove its service life of at least 30 years

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